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Welcome to Rent Uptown Charlotte specializing in the Uptown & Downtown Charlotte Condo & Apartment Rental market.  If you are looking for an Uptown Charlotte Apartments For Rent, please see the hyper link!   We are the number 1 web resource for Rentals in and around Uptown.  Rent Uptown Charlotte offers you the ability to search available condo / town home rentals in and around Uptown Charlotte.  Most of these listing you will not find on free sites such rent.com and craigslist.  We pull our information from the MLS database, which allows you to Search for thousands of Rental Listings.  If you are looking to see ANY rental listings, there is a tenant fee associated with this service.


We know the Uptown Rental Market like the back of our hand and have more have more Uptown Charlotte Rental traffic than anyone else!  85% of renters start their search on the Internet and that's where we DOMINATE!  Our network of sites has more "Uptown Traffic" than our competitors COMBINED!  If you are looking for property management, please visit our property management  page and find out how we can get your unit rented QUICKLY! 


We are experts in Uptown and can answer any questions you have about the different condo buildings Uptown Charlotte has to offer.  With a simple five minute phone conversation I can point you in the right direction.   Do you want a view?  Do you need two parking spaces?  Do you want a fun or quite more professional building?  These are some of the questions we will ask you to find the perfect unit for you.  There are pros and cons to each building and we know them all.  Please visit our Tenant Fees section to find out how we can help you find a rental today!


To serve our clients the best way possible we have reviews on every building in Uptown.  Please follow the text links to search for rentals for First Ward Condo Rentals, Second Ward Condo Rentals, Third Ward Condo Rentals, Fourth Ward Condo Rentals.  For your convenience, we have a lot of information available online. 

in you are looking to buy a Charlotte Condo please check out our sister site Living Uptown Charlotte.
If you are looking to buy a house please visit Charlotte Real Estate.  If you are looking for a  Uptown Charlotte Apartments For Rent  We can help you there!

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